Software Design

ProPak Software has over 20 years of Agriculture Software development experience and is committed to creating quality software. We have a passion for putting the pieces together for our clients. We design solutions to solve complex business problems and make systems work better through integration. Our team utilizes a solutions based approach, by providing fresh ideas that will improve operations, streamline business processes, minimize costs, and deliver products and services more quickly and efficiently for you and your customers. We take the time to understand your business first and then work with you to design a cost effective, high quality solution that is a tailored fit for your business operation. If you are interested in talking with someone about your ideas for your next project please Contact us or Call us at (800) 866-0933 extension 200. Whether your project is small, medium, or large we are standing by ready to listen and help.

The 1, 2, 3’s in Software Development

1. Define Scope

In order for us to jointly develop a solid project scope for your project we begin by asking a lot of defining questions and outlining your key requirements in order to produce the project scope. The Scope document can go through several iterations before finalization to confirm that it will meet your development expectations and that it has your approval before the development work can begin. A defined scope document provides you with a means to measure progress, control costs, prevent project creep, and guides the project to a successful competition to your satisfaction.

2. Prototype Mockup

Arthur Brisbane first quoted the famous saying in a newspaper article in 1911 which stated: “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words”. It is also a great method of communication for software developers to utilize when creating software. We visually layout the design of most all of the system pages and forms first in order to “see” the vision of the proposed scope of the system.

3. Develop, Test and Deploy

Once the Prototype or Mockup is approved by you, our software developers begin programming and coding the components described in the scope. This is an important stage in the process and periodic reviews and user testing is conducted to verify that development is in sync with the project scope. Software is tested by the user and only deployed for implementation once satisfaction has been met.

Software Products


LandMagic Software

LandMagic is a suite of simple to use web based agriculture software products designed for the commercial grower. LandMagic includes LandMaster, CropCare, GeoMaps, BarnManager, Harvesting, FieldTime and MobileMagic which help manage many aspects of a commercial operation.


Citrus Pro Software

CitrusPro is designed specifically for all segments of the Citrus Industry. CitrusPro software applications are organized into what we call PAKs.


Beverage Pro Software

BeveragePro is a software package designed for the bulk or case good beverage processor, blender and manufacturer. The software handles all aspects of production manufacturing, blending and distribution including private label operations.